Sesiro Design Group was established by a team of dynamic and accomplished young architects in 2012. At its founding, Sesiro was primarily focused on architecture alone.

Due to the advancements and changes in the construction industry driven by clients needs, toady Sesiro has a civil and structural, electrical and mechanical engineering wing. Being of the 21st century, Sesiro Design Group provides and finds sustainable architectural solutions and designs that are socially and environmentally conscious with a constant touch of innovation.

We comprise of an enthusiastic, diverse and multi-talented team that boasts numerous years of experience in a wide scope of projects within the industry, and endeavour to create meaningful environments and experiences, placing an emphasis on sustainable principles.

Full Architectural Services

Project Management

Urban Planning

Space Plannings

Facility Condition Assessments

Engineering Services

Construction Supervision

Investrnent &
Feasibility Studies

Dilapidation Surveys